workoutAre you lost or intimidated at the gym? Are you bored with your workouts? Are you too busy for cardio & weights? Then welcome to Reformed Bodies Fitness.

Reformed Bodies Fitness offers:

  • Private gym…no crowds!
  • Personalized workouts!
  • A different workout EVERYDAY!
  • Circuit formats include strength & cardio for MAXIMUM CALORIC EXPENDITURE.

During our private sessions we will emphasize posture, core strength, and proper muscle contraction. We offer several different programs to fit every budget and lifestyle. Every program is customized to your needs, wants and limitations, to guarantee you results.

Our 1 hour session is a customized workout which includes cardio, strength and flexibility training.
Our 1/2 hour intensive session focuses on two muscle groups and core strength. After your workout you will do cardio and stretching on your own.

Many people find that becoming fit and staying that way is easier and more fun when they workout with others. In fact many studies have shown people who workout with others may actually get better results.

Working out in pairs or groups offer advantages such as:

  • Better motivation
  • Better compliance (we’re less likely to quit or cheat when we’re part of a group)
  • Support & encouragement of others

Weight Training & Cardio:

Reformed Bodies understands that you must weight train for long-term weight loss. Doing cardio alone just isn’t enough. Weight training provides the same benefits as cardio plus a whole lot more.
Weight training builds lean muscle which boosts your metabolism. Weight loss by doing cardio alone will make you smaller but won’t develop muscle to give you that athletic shape.

Benefits of Weight Training Benefits of Cardio
1. Cardiovascular 1. Cardiovascular
2. Burns Stored Fat 2. Burns Stored Fat
3. Increased Metabolism 3. Decreased blood pressure
4. Increased Strength 4. Better physical appearance
5. Increased lean muscle mass 5. Decreased cholesterol
6. Increased bone density
7. Better physical appearance
8. Increases self esteem/confidence
9. Lose weight quicker
10. Lower cholesterol
11. Boost immune system